About CENS

About CENS

Objective, strategy and strengths of CENS

The Centre for European Nutrition and Health (CENS) is a collaborative structure with a « one-stop-shop » approach to investigate Nutrition by considering all dimensions and offer a comprehensive vision of the field.

Our ambition: integrate scientific expertise and technical services in Nutrition and Health from Fundamental to Applied Research (-omics technologies, in vitro and animal models, clinical platforms,…) to accelerate product development and validation, provide high-level training and disseminate knowledge to the civil society

CENS provides access to a network of multidisciplinary skills by being a collaborative organisation and offering cutting-edge infrastructures. This allows it to be a major player to face current public health challenges (pathological aging, nutrition-related chronic diseases) and personalise nutrition throughout life.

CENS aims to contribute significantly to the construction of a fully operational European Research network on prevention and treatment of nutrition-based diseases with the following objectives:

  • to increase significantly scientific knowledge and its transfer to society,
  • to deliver improved innovative solutions to relevant concepts in terms of products, services and guidelines.

Internationally renowned scientists at the origin of CENS:

  • Martine Laville (PU-PH, President of CENS),
  • Hubert Vidal (INSERM/INRA CarMeN Unit Director),
  • Agnès Giboreau (Paul Bocuse Research Center Director),
  • Joëlle Goudable (PU-PH, Biochemistry department),
  • Chantal Simon (PU-PH, Diabetology – Endocrinology – Nutrition department).

Major players in the food and pharmaceutical R&D industries also joined the initiative.

Multi-disciplinary scientific experts

  • Environment risks

  • Pathologies

  • Obesity / diabete
  • Cardiovascular
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cancer
  • Infectiogolgy
  • CENS

  • Clinical innovation
  • Platforms
  • Translational research
  • Economic valorization
  • Education
  • Marketing

Collaboration with private partners

  • Pharma diagnostique
  • Inbdustrie agroalimentaire
  • Restauration
  • Assurance …
  • Grande distri

A team dedicated to your projects

Laure PERRIN-VIDOZ General delegate

Julie-Anne NAZARE Scientific coordinator

Sylvie HERMET Executive assistant